Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hi amigos,

   Me back with a inspiration topic again !!!! Little angel feet whom do you guys think i'm describing!!!! well i'm describing little children!!!! we may be adults and we may think that we can't get inspiration from kids!!! But kids  are really inspiring people!!!!

   Recently our city hit with laila cyclones and it is raining continuously .. Roads became muddy and dirty.. people were in dip of worries .. every one are scolding rain  and were in very irritated mood... i was siting in my balcony with my dog and watching the rain and a small sight stuck my attention that is a small kid(girl) nearly may be of 5yrs  of our opposite house  took her tiny bicycle and wore a small raincoat and was cycling ... she was smiling and even though the rain was trouble all of us this kid was enjoying it   with a beautiful smile on her face!!!!

   Kids are really inspirational factors they may be small in age but are always true from heart ... think guys when we were young  did we ever thought to kill animals, hurt our elders , dump our loved ones.... when we people were  kids we all guys just loved life.. even greater difficulties used to be tackled by us with smile and happiness ... really kids are wonderful they have humanity filled entire in their body.. they are always open with us through heart ...

     I will surely say they are lot more factors we must learn from kids... kids are just wonderful butterflies ... Think guys when we were kids did we ever wish bad for our enemies or did we ever have enemies when we were kids... we were always at peace on the earth.. think when we were kids did we ever felt jealous seeing our siblings , did we ever fought with them for our share... nope we never did that.. but why we became such a rationalizing people when we grow up??????

  The funda i want to tell you guys is always be a adult from appearance but  always be a kid from your heart that will help you guys to tackle situations, live a happy and satisfied life ..
   Be happy and live happy as a kid!!!!!!


beanizer_05 said...'re talking about me??????
see?? you learn a lot of things from us.. *licking lollie*
i don't have enemies, but have few rude gals bullying me..hmp!!

JollyPrincess said...

Children are truly inspirations. Their demands are simple but provide us joy thru their smiles and laughter. Sometimes, when I think of it now, how I wish I am still a child…Way back then… when my life was simple.

I’m glad at least Beany is here to make me smile. (lol)

sudhi said...

@ beany : u r a bad kid!!!! huh nt at all talking abt u!!!!:P

@Ms.Jolly: yaa u r rite.. i wish i was peterpan!!!

Nandita said...

Yeah u r ryt...!!
I think we all shud be lyk beany... :D hehehe...I mean lyk a kid .. :P

sudhi said...

nanz yaa u hav to b like akid bt nt like tht fat beany kid!!!