Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Once upon a time there lived a guru , he had three disciples . After  their 12years of  training, the guru called three of them and said their training will only be completed if they cross a small path shown by the guru, the disciples agreed.

The guru took the disciples to that path  , the disciples were shocked by seeing that path because that path was full of spines and thorns .

The first disciple crossed the path by himself with all difficulty , the second covered his feet with leaves and crossed the path but the third disciple took a broom and started cleaning the path even he got hurt and eventually crossed. 

when he was asked by the guru he said " I know  the difficulty of crossing this road , I don't want others to face the same"

The guru turned to other two disciples and  told them that they still need training on education  and turned to the third disciple and said he is graduated.

Really guys what is the use of knowledge if is not in progress , our education teach us many morals but how many are following them in real life . 

Our education teach us to help others not to kill, it teach us to serve the humankind and spread its knowledge for peace....

Bad luck  only few of us apply it in real life, how many think of serving others these days, question is with us and even answer is with us.
                                   ~in a new hope~


beanizer_05 said...

True. We do use our knowledge to fulfill our desires w/o considering the effects on other's the bitter reality of life. There are a few who use their knowledge to help w/o asking in return..and they are considered "endangered".
One man's greediness causes others' gluttony..some say it's a quest for survival--though in fact, it's just a reason to excuse wrongdoings..

Sie said...

I was smiling Sudhi..nice post :)

As what I always say; sometimes we tend to focus more on ourselves and we fail to see the people around us.We need to get out of our shells and lend a helping hand.

As a mom-I'd rather have those pains and thorns in life because I can endure it..

I'll do everything so my kids won't experience being hurt again and they won't pass through that same path of thorns that I have been through :)

sudhi said...

@Beany : :) glad u got it

@ Ms.sie : wow i actually felt very nice seeing your comment Ms.sie.

Barkha said...

Very true, knowledge is exploration. However, very few of us get inspired to follow it. Thanks for sharing an inspirational story.
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Balqis said...

A very nice post. I like the moral of the story. :)

Asma Khan said...

To serve humanity is real aim of life, it's not that you have to work biggest thing for humanity, but little things are also have great impact, at least share you smile if you can not do other job for human kind, and yes it worth a lot. :)

WebbieLady said...

Isn't that a lovely story? Compassion to fellow wonder he is the onlzy one who graduated! :=)

sudhi said...

yes :) thanks for your comment !!!

Master Blogger said...

Wow I never thought that was thing to do if I am also a student here, maybe I will took all the pain coz I thought that was the test all about,the third disciple is amazing.

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♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

What a awesome story .So impressed by your writing .Your new blog reader .
Follow each other .

Jolly Princess said...

Thank you girl for keeping in touch through my blog.Appreciate your thoughtfulness. HAPPY NEW YEAR!Mwahh!:)