Saturday, January 22, 2011


After 10years I don't want to be famous or I don't want to be rich , all I want to be is a human ,a very good human .
There is a saying "have seen all the world ,have achieved all the success 
but when looked into the hands found them Empty ."
There is no essence of life or happiness until you do something for others ,other than yourself  .
Every one can live the life for themselves but  only few can live it for others , by gods grace I have seen few of such people.

Its been more than 10years my grandpa passed away,but still people remember him and praise him , Its not that my grandpa earned lot of money but its because of  his free services he gave as a homeopathy doctor , he always used to say that "there is something pleasure seeing people smile because of my little help" he never lived for money , he even used to give free tuitions for good talented people he always used to say that knowledge is valuable and it should not be spread for money . He was a very inspiring personality for me !!! 

   So guys its not money, its not achievements , its not talents that fill your hands with happiness but its the pleasure of helping others that give us happiness .
First I too thought that this is a myth but it is then I have experienced these ,
there is some unexplainable feeling in heart when you help others.
Till date I didn't forget that kid's smile.  
The nobility of life is living it for others, spreading its essence and filling hand full of joy!!! 


Jolly Princess said...

I admire what your grandma did. If you follow his footstep I sure he will be very proud of you.

Wow! Another Mother Teresa in the making. :)

beanizer_05 said...

true..your granpa is an honorable man..

hey sudhi, i won't leave you empty -handed,, about throwing my diapy in the trash bin? *reaching used diapy*
help me *wide grin*

Angela's Blog said...

I completly agree.
It sounds like your grandfather did great things for many people, I respect that.
God Bless,

sid p said...


sudhi said...

@ Ms.jolly :- thanq.

@ Beany :- agrrr be careful i'll trash u .

@Anglea :- thanq.

@Siddu :- thanq bro!!!

Simple Sie said...

love your post Sudhi...Having always a kind heart and spreading love to all people most specially to those in need is the most noble thing an individual could do...

Sudhi I've got something for you on your mail.If you have time you can open it you...

Paper Boy said...

Thank you for sharing, very beautiful