Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A SUICIDAL ACT ~we can tackle it~

Hi amigos,
  me back with a inspirational topic again!!! you see guys its about recent youth situation i have seen.........that is suicides!!!! it is said that 65% of world youth can't handle pressure!!!

well thats for sure because lives became mechanical for us.. unemployment is raising day by day , colleges and parents pursue us to read read!!! many are probably thinking that death is the only answer!!!

but come on guys why is it so???? life is like a novel no one knows what the next page is!!!! life is like a ocean no one knows its exact destiny,its like a wind know one knows its source!!!! its like a sunlight some times glorious and sometimes dull!!! think if great people like many who were born in poverty thought of dying then we  might have missed living legends...

I always remember this incident of my life!!! i was in high school and i couldn't  handle this dirty pressure and my mom was keep on scolding that day that i was becoming more careless... and my temper burst and all of a sudden i said i wish to jump from this building even if you people stop.... and my dad who was sitting and reading a newspaper just said only a world.." you see sudhi you are a free human being and as a father i'm giving you this independence do what ever you like but after that your mighty soul will cry for days and years that i wish i had thought for 5minutes , i wish i was 5minutes late ,i wish" and he simply went away.. that situation thought me one thing that i can fight back i'm not a coward!!!

think guys if my dad didn't stop me like that on that day!!!! i would never have been a high school topper!!!!

so guys death  is not the answer or solution!!!! but see life after!!! don't loose the wonderful gift you are given!!!!


Jolly Princess said...

Great! I am glad you did not allow pressure to stop you.

beanizer_05 said...

Life pressures often lead us humans to desperate actions. Problems has always been the "usual" cause of one to do a crime against himself..Suicide is mostly the solution for those drowned in their problems,,but there are few people who got the greatest life that still leads them to commit such crime. Have you heard of stories like those who committed suicide 'coz they are damn bored of their easy-lives? Strange..but true.

Both pain and joy makes a balanced life. A single emotion can cause undesirable depression.
*licking lollie*

sudhi said...

@beany: yaa u r right!!!!

@Ms.jolly: thanx!!!!