Saturday, July 30, 2016

Being irresistible

I’m not a person who is likable in first meeting I mean when I was a kid people loved my ideas of being independent and gender equality, as I grew up still some extent people loved them but now when we finally crossed our 20s people started hating them all of a sudden….
Most people who were completely encouraging the idea got married and started to contradict me I mean ladies in their 20s litrally see me as a psychopath.
Irony is that I never urged people to change I never told them to be independent it was my own view from the beganing.
Seriously guys I’m never against marriage but get married, cook for him , clean for him , become directionless , wait for him to come home I’m against this whole process. If someone willfully want to live that life I’m not against them but it’s not my cup of tea.
So after reaching 20s many started to hate my views only because even if I get married I wanted to be independent, I wanted to have kids like after 10–15yrs or never because it is never my priority, enjoying my life , reaching high peaks of my career ,travelling and helping my community is my first priority not having a baby in my belly. P.s I don’t hate kids I have litrally babysat all my younger cousins , kids are real angels in the world.
I’m not saying people who have kids doesn’t enjoy their life it’s just that people who have kids have a solo goal that is to have a child and people with my mindset are not fit for it. In India where I live by the time you reach 26 you are supposed to get married and have a kid  . The people who are raised with this mindset hate me . The thing I don’t understand is when they are free to hate my views I’m free to have views isn’t it ???
Yes I never wore a saree but I’m true to my ethics , I don’t like going to temple but I read Bagwathgeeta daily , people like me are like onion peels there is still lot more layers inside us. Society just sees the outer coat and decides we are mean ruthless posh chics ruining Indian culture.
Why do you think I get hate inspite of not bothering anyone well it’s because I thought differently not like a typical Indian . India is a community where still things are ancient I daily see patients who are married off at 17 or even less get pregnant within a year not given a chance to think if they want it or not and not to mention most of them are forced to have a male child.
If someone like me with open mind live in this society they are continously mocked until you give up because according to most people here you have to be someone’s wife and someone’s mother to be approved in the society. Even if you are married if you say I’m a doctor or engineer or scientist rather than someone’s wife you are bad.
Most of my friends say it’s better to leave the country but if all people like us leave the country who is going to change it. When I thought it’s slowly changing I have seen underaged gals getting married and forced to have kids.
If every educated like me chooses to be a puppet for the society’s sake when is it going to change. When will people start to think getting married or having a kids is just a part of life but it’s never should be made as someone’s solo goal.
The whole point of writing this post is if you are a supporter of gender equality and freedom just like me you should probably be getting hate and being mocked by everyone just learn being irresistible they may hate you but they’ll never forget your views and ideas …
NOTE: I’m not a lonely depressed person I have ton of friends who support me ,my childhood friends are still my best friends blessed to have them ✌.

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