Wednesday, April 14, 2010

THANKS FRIENDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,
     I'm really the most happiest person on the earth at present...... phew!!!! this tour ended...i'm finally going home....oh i can't believe this....But its been an awesome tour..... Ah finally i learnt how to control my temper....  The boys and girls in our group became over free in this tour and i'm not at all habituated to such environment so i was literally finding a place to hide lolzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! Many girls in our group used to bug me by calling me with crazy names.... oh i  couldn't believe it that i control my temper...Thanks to my dad and Sachin and my sweetest BLOGGING FRIENDS who really made me move out of distress and temper!!!!!!!!!!
                                                          (you all are really superhero friends)
 Hey how can i forget the mad cry baby friend of mine who is having exam's but managed to argue with me daily as if we both are in battle field....hopefully i made me move out of distress......How can i forget Ziggy,Gurpreet,suraj,Ravie,beany,anu,jolly.....who messaged me daily making me happy and returning my biggggggg smile!!!!!!!
Ziggy : For being my bestest friend in bloggers!!!!!!!! always making me laugh with your crazy jokes..... your truly prince ziggy of Alien!!!!!!!!!!
 Beany: For being my kiddiepie and really the cutest kid in bloggers..... chweet beany ( pulling your cheeks)
Suraj: For making me laugh by your crazy rationalizing skills and talents......really a good friend.....
Ravie: For playing an important role in comforting me and guiding me as a tutor ....  love you ravie!!!!!!
Gurpreet : For your beautiful poetry book oops blog that really made me move out of distress while reading it.
Anu : For caring me and being my personal doctor like my maa..... love you anu!!!!!!!!
Ms.Jolly : For her homely blog which always reminded me my home and brought tears in eyes..... love your blog!!!!!!!!
   Finally going home..... Today have train at 11 oh i'm excited , over joyed , can't express.... Hope tomorrow i'll go home early......well im dying to see my dad( who is eagerly waiting for me), my maa( might be preparing my favorite menu) , my dadhi( who will scold as i became very thin), my two prince charming's( getting ready to surprise me) family is very big so all my aunts , uncles and cousins will be cousins planned something ....... which they hinted lightly..... So im very happy.......OMG  can't express......
   so cya guys.....


Suraj Vibhute said...

Hmm, thanks to including in your friend list. Nice to know that going back to home.
Hope you will not forget us after going to home. :)

gurpreet0172 said...

aww ,,how sweet is that .
now what should i do to show that i appreciate this . you got to tell me ....
god bless ya
p.s we gonna rock forever

sudhi said...

@suraj : i will not forget u guys!!! never!!!

@gurpreet : thts chweet of u... jst be my gud frnd thts enuf!!!!!!!!!

beanizer_05 said...

hey! that's unfair! why you didn't mention me in your 2nd paragraph! only ziggy, gurpreet and ravie!! no beany! (*crying loudest throwing lollies*)though you said im the cutest!


ok, you are lucky i'm in the good mood not mad! and stop pulling my cheeeeeeeks! it hurts!
btw, you got me ice cream? i was expecting ice cream topped w/ jellies and lollies..
alright, thanks! ravie said no thanks for friends (well i don't believe that)
but pwamiz me..i'm batman! me and only me is batman!
ok,,bye..i go back in my pot:)

sudhi said...

ehehehe ooooooooo my chweet beany chorry!!!!!!!!

ravali said...

thats so sweet of you sudhi,but i will miss u a lot!!!
i believe saying thanks to friends is a bad sign for friendship probably we may forget our friends good deeds by saying thanks,that's the reason i won't say thanks to my friends and i hope bean will understand.take care!!!

MED-oholic !!! said...

hey sudhi missed u too...n now that u r bak from the trip i think u will be having many stories to tell. Am waiting.

sudhi said...

@Ravie: thanx ravie chweet of uuuu!!!

@Anu: sure i will anu!!!!!!!!

mugambi said...

thanks sudhi *whisper ravie shud not hear it*

am humbled by your friendship recognition.

buddiez forever!!!!!!