Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coolest blogger award!!!!

 Hi guys i got this award from my cousin(Tryant) and im gonna follow the rule and pass this award to 2people .....

  well this award is for coolest blogger!!!!!!
   1. ziggy 2. suraj

 Ziggy: My peaceful alien friend from alien land!!!!!!!!!!!!! His post are marvelous ....... He is a cool blogger who is about to become king of alien land!!!!!!lol!!!!!!

Suraj: Passionate blogger..... His Machoarts blog is must watch..... My angry friend who always scare me!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!

thts for today cyaaa guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Suraj Vibhute said...

ha surprised to see my name in your list, :p anyway thank you so much for considering me. You are one my best online friend.
Once again thank you Sudhi, its my pleasure to be your frnd. :)

sudhi said...

oh surprise to c u praising me!!!!!!

bt anyway thts for formality i won praise u...:P

JollyPrincess said...

Coolest award! Congrants! Have a great weekend :)

mugambi said...

finally someone has realized there are peaceful aliens.

thanks sudhi am deeply honored i have right words to express this.

friends til ever!!!!!!!!

sudhi said...

@ Ms. jolly : thanx !!!!!!!!!!!

@ Ziggy: yaa frnds for ever!!!!!