Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hi amigos,
    Me back with a beautiful topic again!!!
    well guys now a days i see many people in love who love one person but dump him/her for a single mistake or relationship problems without a constant thinking!!!!

My grandma and grandpa never met each other they saw each other only on their marriage hall and they spent 32yrs together even after death of my grandpa my grandma think of him , imagine him every where every day!!! when i ask her why she love him so much even she never speak to him before their  marriage she say's its the trust of their love which kept them together!!  My mom and dads love is also a mesmerizer.. well my mom  know my dad since she was a kid but my dad was 10yrs older than her but she chose him and they got married and still together love each other as they did when they were newly married .... i always ask my beautiful looking mom that maa why did u choose dad even you had many men following and even dad is 10yrs older than you my mom always reply that she always know that my dad love her so much and she have immense trust in him that he'll support her to achieve her aims and ambitions... well my dad really did it!! when my mom expressed my dad that she wanted to study after marriage he simply agreed and supported my mom even both of their families are against it!!! they still love each other and still romantic as they were when they are newly married!!!

well My friends Mr.cian and Ms.sie also have lot of love , trust and understanding between them they are really one interesting couple i have seen after my mom and dad... Well Mr.cian shares every thing with Ms.sie and support her in every situation and Ms.sie is always with Mr.cian supporting him and understanding him in every situation!!! they are really made for each other couple!!!!

well guys i just wanna say through this post that relationships are not meant  for breakups they are meant for loving each other , they are meant for spreading love and telling whats love to our future generations!!! so guys  please don't break relationships just because of small fights...

you know one thing loving others is a feeling and being loved is gift so never exchange or loose this gift!!!


JollyPrincess said...

Love and commitment are the foundation of their relationship it is why it worked. My parents fulfilled their marriage vow, ‘til death do us part. :)

sudhi said...

yep its true Ms.jolly....

Usha Taneja said...

Ms Jolly
Your blog is working well on social networks. You views in this blog must make those partners aware that long lasting relationships are the base of Happy society. I strongly follow it.

On the same topic I have posted a talk. The news of divorce Tiger Woods. The so called historic divorce really disturbed me

sudhi said...

Ms.usha thanx for ur comment!!!!