Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hi amigos,
  Me back with a inspirational story again!! this story is about unusual supports which cause breakup of relationships!!!
well i heard this story from my uncle actually its story of one of his colleagues well a interesting unusual one indeed !!!

well there were two couple both love each other they married and went to US for their masters !! well both are pursuing degrees from different universities so they used to stay in in different places ... one day they met and the wife showed the husband many small tiny  objects like beautiful dolls and clips and all that when he asked her how she got all the money she simply said that she stole them from the stores secretly .. well this man instead of scolding her laughed and encouraged her!!! she started doing it more openly like quiting hotels without paying bill  and going on buses and trains without tickets ..she used to tell him all that and he used to simply laugh !!! oneday both went to shopping he was  looking at something and she tried to steal a diamond ring in nearby jewelry center ... suddenly alarms rang and  police came all of sudden and arrested her and this guy went from there in fear  as if he donno anything !!! the police arrested her and she was prisoned for five months after five months she was released on bile but it became too late.. that guys had to divorce her and marry another women due to pressure from parents and society!!!

see guys sometimes some silly mistakes cause great damages so never support your partner for bad deed!!!  whenever your partner say that he/she had done something thats wrong ..advice them not to do it again instead of supporting them!!!


JollyPrincess said...

This happens in real life. In a relationship it needs a solid foundation to work. A good foundation that could withstand pressures.

sudhi said...

yep Ms.jolly agree wit u!!!