Wednesday, October 13, 2010


sometimes when we see things in our way others don't
sometimes when we loose in our ways others win,
sometimes we are too late to know the profit of our failure,
sometimes we are deceived in situation,
that doesn't make us losers .

In life some failures  are sweeter than victories,
if you loose it doesn't mean you will always,
gates of glory are always open,
its our own choice which to choose,
our fate is the result of destiny ...

Failures are created by us and destructed by us ,
some times we are  born to fly,
some times we look for wings,
whatever it is life is beautiful,

just feel it , love it and live it !!!!


Jolly Princess said...

Right I agree life is beautiful despite the odds. Great post, Sudhi! ♥

sudhi said...

thanx Ms.jolly!!!