Friday, October 1, 2010


The world is of three people 1)the person who sacrifices for others 2) who is selfish 3) people who are selfish  and love to destroy  others..

now from the descent of time human became selfish and  greedy .. but his greed took him more forward thats why he became  evil... a evil who is harming  all species of universe including his own kind!!!

During 19th and 20th centuries the peace flourished and mankind showed its utmost humanity... but now in 21st century peace is at tip to get extinct, this is due to this creation of 3rd type of people ..
 I donno what terrorism get them ...

but there are many first type of people in this world but the 2nd and 3rd type of people are dominating them ..
but there is always a strong hope that peace will re flourish any time  and every where...
but we must ensure that we have to be like 1st people...

there are some people who live a dreamworld
there are some people who see in different way,
and they are those who turn one into other!!!


WebbieLady said...

That sounds scary...when peace ends..

Jolly Princess said...

Let us not give up hope… peace will reign eventually.

sudhi said...

@Webbie : yaa tht really sounds scary!! thanx for the comment!!!

@Ms.jolly: yaa lets not give up hope!!thanx for the comment!!!