Monday, November 29, 2010


 I never understood these conflicts , i can't understand is it a sin to be poor?
even they are poor they will still be a human what is a big deal in it?? 
Why this indiscrimination between humans,money doesn't created man its man who  created money.
only a sweet virtuous soul ,
like a seasoned timer, never gives,
but though the whole world turn coal,
then chiefly lives..
  ~ George Herbert
No doubt it is selfish thing
To fly from human suffering , 
No doubt he is a selfish man,
Who shuns poor creatures sad and wan.

I remember some beautiful words of Shakespeare who says that" no wonder whether he is a king or a chimney sweeper some how they are cremated at same place when they are dead".                                                    

So its  not rich or poor that is important in life,
what is important is that being us..
love yourself guys today or the other god will bless you!!! 


Jolly Princess said...

I maybe poor financially but at least I am rich in dreams. And... little by little I do my best to make the dream a reality. :)

beanizer_05 said...

hmmm..i don't know what to say since it's a short story, i was expecting a longer detailed one and understand the thought behind your topic..

but i guess, i agree on that love for one's own is a must :)

Simple Sie said...

I agree Sudhi...Rich or poor what matters most is having a kind heart...Our world is really full of discriminations but what's important is how we handle them...

sudhi said...

@Ms.jolly: u hav a beautiful heart ur dreams will surely come true...

@beany : kids can't understand it..

@Ms.sie: absolutely correct!!!!!