Friday, November 5, 2010


Once up on time a teacher was telling a lesson about sun and a little girl was uninterestingly listing 
it. Interestingly she caught the attention of her intelligent teacher...

Teacher : I 'm just curious why are you not listening the lesson????
little girl : what is great to know about the sun , who give us tones of heat.
                                all kids started laughing  
The teacher smiled , luckily she was a very  good teacher.  She said,
"Children i would love to tell you people a story  "
Every one were excited , they closed their notes and excitingly lined further to listen the story
The teacher started the story ...................
"0nce upon a time there was a unsuccessful business man. His debts were increasing day by day and he wished to die."

  • "one day  he went to a hill top to jump from there . When he was moving eastwards he was stopped by light when lifted his head he saw this burning sun."
  •  He thought to himself "   it is always bad to be a sun na, because a sun never have a holiday and daily he is punctual " he thought more further" what would happen if there is no sun ??"
  • He went more further suddenly black clouds came and it started raining.. 
  • The man covered himself under a tree forgetting that he came to die.
  • Suddenly the clouds went away and sunshine came back , a beautiful rainbow was seen.
  • The man thought to himself "psst I'm ashamed of myself  , the great sun thought me many things,
  1. always be punctual in work.
  2. always to the work in a same passion.
  3. always do them peace mind.
  4. tackle the obstacle with great effort 
  5. the success will be yours."
The man went  learning the meaning of life  .....

     The teacher ended the story and that little girl was teary eyed , she apologized to her teacher. 
 Thats the end of the story , so flocks lets raise into the sky creating positive hopes!!!




Jolly Princess said...

Great post of encouragement. I love the rainbow after the rain. ♥)

sudhi said...

yaa i too love rainbow thanx for the comment!!!

rosielyn said...

Yes Sudhi short but indeed a truthful post.All of us go through different journeys in our lives but in any circumstances there is always Hope or a silver lining always at the end of a tunnel.Rainbows always comes after the rain and in our lives we need to cling and hold on to every promise and dreams that we have to become successful.Always do your best and take one step at a time...Sie

sudhi said...

thanx Ms.sie!!! love u!!!