Sunday, December 19, 2010


Recently our coast was hit by cyclones and there were heavy rains . I was standing out of my college looking for a auto , I'm lucky enough because I saw this incident. There were two little kids dressed in rags who hid themselves under a bamboo basket in order to cover themselves from rains  and there was this young man who seemed  to be a college Student (because he was having a college bad) he was well dressed and was holding a black umbrella at the time he came across these 2 kids  , he stopped, he looked at them and looked at himself  then he took of that bamboo basket on the children and gave them his umbrella. It was raining so heavily that he became completely wet but he didn't cared about that and walked away. Those kids gave him a big thankful smile.
     When I saw this extraordinary incident i thought of going there and appreciating him but later I felt that it would be little odd so I should back there for another exciting incident .
     Its no doubt a extraordinary incident because , fairly how many of us can do that in a heavy rainy day making ourself wet ??? not even one.
      But this incident made me recollect one famous proverb 
"every one try to change the world but no one try to change themselves"
    How true isn't it? Ever since we are born our entire life revolves around 2 words "me and mine" . How many of us think daily "oh, there are many people out there who are starving and discarded " , may be countable.
     But when given chance we just say " government is corrupted & that is the reason of poverty , country can be better if etc etc is done and blah blah blah...." .But how many of us think "why government , why can't we help the poor instead of giving free advices ", literally few. 
      Its always not about changing something but its always about changing ourself.
some say "why should we help people in need, do  we own them???" , my only replay to them is "Humanity make us humans -a superior species " FOR EXAMPLE:- when a cat gives birth to many young ones , it only cares and gives milk to kitties which are stiff and strong ,the weakones get the leftover and eventually die. But we can never find any human mother who can do that. Its because of humanity .
so,the prosperity of life is not just living ones life but it is giving life to others who are in need of help.
life is like a voyage . The one who leaves others hands in debacles shed away like ashes and the
one who stays with them leaves their VIRTUE even after their death.


Jolly Princess said...

I believed charity begins at home. If I have to give. I would give to my family members and people I know. But not to total strangers. :)

beanizer_05 said...

*licking lollie*
hmmm...sudhi, you want some lollies? here! *reaching licked lollie* see? i'm generous *wide grin* :)

sudhi said...

@Ms.Jolly: i respect your thought .

@beany: yuck ur licked lollie!!! not in 100 worlds..:P..

Simple Sie said...

I do believe in sharing Sudhi and in this world we are living change must always start within us first...nice posts dear

sudhi said...

wat a nice belief Ms.sie!!!