Thursday, June 7, 2012

~ LIFE ~

Life isn't about finding yourself
Life is all about creating yourself....
Amazing lines isn't it friends........!!!!
Life is all about out how we live it guys, lately I have been living with my grandma and she is continuously complaining her life . I just don't understand  in life many people live in the relations which they don't like , I know any relationship is great at the beginning but it becomes lousy and suffocating for some as it pass by and in that movement they cant go out of it  for the sake of their kids and they start this commitment , I may be young to talk about this but I feel suffocated seeing this commitments from past few years.......

I think the people who think they dint achieve in their life when they got old  dint gave second chance to life and dint gave second chances to their relationship which is on rocks .

Life is not a matter of milestones
but it is the matter of moments.

When I become old I definitely don't want to live under  any ones roof , I want to be adventurous , crazy and Independent as I'm...

 I used to cross a slum for going to the college and when I used to see those people I used to thank god for giving me better life where I can get good education and better facilities.

We are the one who ultimately sketch our lives , the people who discourage us don't really know about us and two things we should always decide ourselves they are  our career and relationships.

I understood that belief is the main factor of the life if you believe in life you can go through any obstacle that have come by.


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✿Sie✿ said...

I can't agree more Sudhi..we are the captain of our own ship..we can be faced by life stormy seas and painful thorns can come our way..we can also be cursed and rejected many times..neglected and pulled down but our lives still depends on how we decide and choose the path we will go regardless of the obstacles that comes our way..

On love..I believe it takes two always to make it last..if one gives up then it will be the end of a I always say love can fade if it won't be nurtured and taken care of..we are all humans and time and again we can also grow tired but it will still depend on the person having for me in real life with your friend love for him won't fade and if I say or made a promise I always keep it..till lifetime..visiting you Sudhi ;)