Friday, July 13, 2012

Human every day........

Every morning I see kids between 10-12years  who come to deliver newspapers and milk packets to people living in our apartment  , no matter how long the stairs are no kid ever take elevator sometimes I call them to share the elevator but they wont come . Once I asked one of the kids why they don't use elevator he said that the watchman won't allow them when I asked the watchman he said that the people in the apartment get angry on him if he allow them to use  elevator as they are poor kids . I felt so shameful listening to this because even in this 21st century how can people think so ill minded , all the maids, workers who come daily  use the stairs no matter how long they are and I wonder these people who call themselves  rich how can they smile seeing others in pain.

"We need to forget what we think we are so that we can really  become what we are" 

There is one delicious cake looking at it if we ate the entire cake in greed no matter how tasty it is it can only full fill our greed and in same case if we share it with others it will leave some wonderful moments . Life is just like that delicious cake if we live it for oneself  no matter how rich we become one day we will die in greed and loneliness and that feeling is worst than hell. But if we share it with everyone not caring  how inferior they are and how superior we are at the end of our days it will leave us some amazing experiences, wonderful feelings and above all  people to care us.

"A dream which you dream alone is only a dream , a dream which you dream together is reality"

Isn't it amazing living each and every bit of our life knowing that many people are happy because of us and some slight feeling in the corner of our heart saying that "you are doing a good job". 

So it is our choice to make whether to be a human or a masked person with the name of human......!!!  


Jolly Princess said...

Hi Sudhi, thanks for sharing these thoughts. That is how reality is. It is sad to know there is vast gap between the rich and the poor.:(

Good to know you are still blogging. I seldom blog. I am busy with work and at household chores. :)

sudhi said...

Hello Ms.Jolly its good to see you around!!!