Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is Suicide a crime????

Hello friends, today I may have come with a negative topic but it is a question that is been wondering in my mind since a long time, seriously friends I don't feel suicide is a crime . People might think what the hell she is saying but....

2years back I heard the story of a 12year old girl Lakshmi , she was gang raped while  returning from school . 5months later she committed suicide  unable to handle the pressure, just imagine 12year old kid thought of ending her life, when I was 12year old I don't even know what suicide is. Just imagine her feeling when the society and her parents treated her as sin and the bastards who raped her were released on bail after 15days . So if that child committed suicide society had a big hand in it.  Just imagine friends how many kids like Lakshmi  might be dying because of discrimination . Those criminals might be living happy as no one question them. 

For every 40seconds one person die committing suicide. Are  they really dying because they are cowards??? They are dying because they don't have answers??? 

In 2008 three sisters from Gujarat  committed suicide because they were HIV positives, all thought they did so because of their disease but the real reason was different .   Aren't we taught from childhood that AIDS don't spread through air or by touching or being with them ??!  Why do many us forget that! These three kids died because they were discriminated to such extent that  nor children and even the teacher used to not even enter the class room in their presence , their relatives started to hate them and their school principle gave them termination letter for no mistake .  I don't think they were cowards. If society is not letting them live obviously people think of death.

Normally people say that cowards commit suicide but I think it take lot of guts to die, If a person is dying its not completely his mistake its partially the mistake of the society too.

Once I heard about a 21year old girl from Orissa  who committed suicide as she was stripped infront of all villagers for loving somebody from the other tribe in rural India. She committed suicide unable to bare the insult . She was 21 she had right to make her own  decisions how could some one just do that to her.

you wont believe it friends but in many parts of world  people even commit mass suicides. Isn't it weird cause human is the only living being which end its life forcefully in emotions. I don't say suicide is correct its just that people consider it as crime.

There are many moments in everyone's life when we feel we lost everything and don't felt like living but for most of us are lucky as there are always people around us who console us , comfort us in such situations. I feel sad for those other half of people with dark past that we dint create any system to console them.

I don't understand why most of them treat disabled people, people from streets and people subjected to various abuse as if its their fault, If the society treated them good I don't think the above people or people  like them would have ended their lives .

If one is dealing with his own mental pressure  and ended his life it is their own mistake but if people are discriminated and forced to end their own life it is not completely their mistake but it is partially mistake of society.

My intention of writing this post is not to support suicides but I just wanted to share the dark side of society, some where  I feel sympathetic towards these people. I know we cant heel the entire world but we can try to change it after all what matters is change! 


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siddhartha.chokkakula said...

i don't think what you've said is entirely right. of course they may be having some problems even i too have some issues for which i feel like suciding is best option.. hen i'll move from place and avoid it for some time the you a gain \confidence over yourslf
according to me sucide is a situation where you have no confidence over yourself so it good to get away from the situation