Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dark side of chocolate......!!!

When I remember my childhood I remember about my toys ,my school and chocolate... Chocolate is sweetest thing in any kid's life but I don't think so because can you imagine friends  kids between  6-12years  forced to work in coco fields which collectively supplies 69percent of world's coco at  Cote d'lvoire  of West Africa.  1.8 million innocent  children are are involved growing cocoa because they are subjected to slavery ..


Most of these kids are beaten up , half fed and literally treated like animals .

Most of us even never tie our pet dogs but these kids are even tied up ..

We are in 21st century where world is moving fast at one part and  it is still a shameful fact that the other part of world  is in trafficking  and slavery. 

What is pleasure of eating chocolate when it is mixed with tears and pain of these  children .....

I  posted about this so that I could bring awareness and if people combine together to fight for these kids may be someday they will get  their freedom.

Can you imagine guys kids of same age as kids at your home forced to work day and night in cocoa fields who don't even know why they are doing it and  who never ever tasted chocolate !!!

I know it is difficult to stand  and shout about this in this huge world but it is not impossible if we spread it through social media. I did my part and I hope people who read this will spread about it!!!

I wish some day these kids go to school ,have  a normal childhood and above all I wish they learn to dream.

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