Sunday, November 15, 2015

A confused life

Moving around the hospital daily I never understand one thing that why people cry so much for small wounds which will recover some day. Are they crying because of pain? But why? Don't you think the real pain is given by life itself??The pain of loosing some one...The pain of betrayal...The pain of being alone...The pain of being tortured...The pain of getting cheated...I wonder why people never understand this..we care, we mind , we cry for those who never even consider us and at some moment of life we forget about thepeople who had always been with us, we hardly thank them.why would some one jump from a hill top for a girl he loves at the same time why would he never think about his parents who are living for him???why do people who make us cry become special and who give us time become ordinary???why do people cry when someone die? death is bitter truth of life isn't it? why would people never want to believe it??I know everyone including me live with these assumptions but just felt like writing about it...

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