Saturday, May 9, 2015


Is it a man's world we are living in ? Male domination I know its always subjected to feminism let me clear you all that I'm not a feminist I just believe in equality I donno if it happens in your country or not but it happens everywhere in my country so I have written a small poem on it....

A woman says....

You just called me dumb,
I was born just like you with many dreams and aspirations,
I have forgo my dreams for your sake and to take care of our kids,
I did it because you can't,
Then how can I be dumb?

You said I can't wear this,
Can you be comfortable wearing what you don't like?
You can't,
Then how can I be?

You tell me to listen and do whatever your parents say,
If  I ignore even once you scold,
I become bad,
But have you ever listened to my parents even once?

I cook , clean and set up a better home for you,
Not because I'm a maid or your wife,
I do it because I love you,
I expect you to do the same for me.

For all the lies you said to sleep with me,
For all the lies you said to marry me,
I forgive you,
Not because you are superior to me only because I love you.

When ever you ask for dowry it hurts me,
Because I never wished to buy you,
And what price would you give me?
For taking care of you till you die.

I know I'm a butt of jokes on the internet,
I just want to remember all the special days I spent with you,
Is it wrong?
I just expect you to feel special about me like the way I  do about you.

When you are caught having an affair I forgive you,
Not because you are superior,
Only for all those beautiful memories you gave me,
You also know you can never do the same for me so be thankful.

When I was young most men looked at me vulgarly,
As of I'm an object,
Now I get the same feeling of creepiness from you,
What should I do?

I don't want kids because I still have dreams to fulfill,
But you and your family want,
So I bare utmost pain and bring them into this world,
And you never help me in taking care of them.

Do you think I deserve it?
No it don't ,
I deserve much better and independent life ,
I'm doing all these just because I love you.

So whenever you see a woman,
Don't mock at her ,
Don't pass vague comments on her,
Don't look at her private parts vulgarly,
Don't touch her vulgarly and pass as if you didn't,
Don't eve tease her,
Respect her for what she is,
Yes you have heard right respect and equality that's all what she want.


She is the one who can go through utmost hardships for you,
As a mother, wife ,sister,daughter she never disappoints you,
Admit it she's the creator of the world but she never shows it,
She makes you miss her in her absence,
She's filled with elegance,
She can make you cross continents in her love,
She teaches you what love is,
She teaches you how to care,
You feel  warm and secured under her arms,
She makes you feel special,
Out of all the people in this world she's the only one who genuinely trusts you,
When you are at your low she's the only one who supports you.


She doesn't deserve to get raped ,
She doesn't deserve to get scared and terrified when ever she's alone,
She doesn't deserve to be restricted,
She deserves much more,
If she's the creator of this word she can also be the destroyer,
So please don't awake the bitter side of her.

          In the dreams of equality


Ravali SAP said...

Good one and ya girls needed to be respected equally!!

✿Sie✿ said...

I agree Sudhi..been there-been hurt, played and rejected by men. It is an unfair world out there and the best revenge we woman can give them is to let them see and feel..that with every disrespectfulness and rude treatment those men give us..comes out a Stronger Woman :) just visiting my friends here..hugs :)

sudhi said...

Thank you Ms.Sie... :D its for strong woman like you.