Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Life Less Depressing....

We all have those days where we feel depressed , cheated , betrayed and life just seems like its going no where . If anyone says they don't have mood swings they are straightly lying. Few people can get through it easily but most of the people including me find it as if they are in a jigsaw puzzle.

I'm very bad at expressing myself to others and most of you might be like that too moreover as I mention in many of  my previous posts there was a time where I was very depressed and never thought I'll get out of it but I did.


A broken heart is ofcourse  the main reason because of which most young people stay depressed these days. The main thing that people don't look at is that you are young and ofcourse it doesn't matter even if you are old but the point is you have a whole life ahead. Just because one person broke your heart it doesn't mean that you will never find someone who will restore your faith. 

There are people who found love in their 60s . One time I was reading this amazing forum written by a lady who was married for 25years then had to divorce her husband because he cheated on her and she writes " At the end of the divorce I feel very empowering because there are many people who cut the chase very quickly and I fought hard to keep it alive for 25years , I would have regretted if I had stayed without trying ,  I got in without any regrets and I'm going out without any regrets"

Many of the people stay in an abusive relationship because of the  fear of heartbreak but listen guys a man/woman who disowns you , abuses you mentally or physically and disrespects you will always disown you , abuse you and disrespect you. They cant change overnight when you get out of it you will regain something you missed, that is "self respect" .


I do read alot of forums where people mention how they are stressed because of work , education etc etc. I'm studying to be a doctor and it's one of the most stressful professions in the world but the way I see it we all should be thankful for what we have . Really!!!

I mean there are parts of world where slavery still exists , there are parts of world where war is going on for years , there are thousands of people who are immigrants having no place to go , in some parts of the world thousands of children die because of minimally curable diseases , in some countries women don't have right to education , there are rape and abuse victims who are still surviving . If I go on mentioning the list will go on ...

I was seeing a documentary of Vice about Japan's suicide forest and I was thinking how easily it is to some people to end their life and in other parts of world people dream to have their life . All these young girls who boss around how annoying education is should know in some parts of the world women struggle even to get out of their house and here you are where your parents are doing their best to make you independent yet you are nagging about it. 

 I was watching this NetGeo documentary where they were asking kids around the world what they wanted to do after growing up and one kid whose a Syrian refugee said "I want to live with freedom". Here we are having all the freedom we want still hating our life just because few phases of our life didn't go as we planned .

At one part of the world people are going in to space , landing on moon and at other part of the world people are still figuring out how to harvest , how to wear clothes and how to build an economy.

Be thankful that you live in the part of the world where you are accessible to clean drinking water , good food  , Internet , medical help etc . It may seem less to us as we are used to it but if  we see it in many people's prospective we have more than what we deserve and we should be thankful to god each and every single day about it. 

  All I can say is everything is going to be okay bad relationships,
bad days , bad life everything has an end.
Choice is with you , wait till the end or 
immaturely end it in between.

And who are we , we are bunch of mammals 
who at one point are going to be mixed in same ground or spread
as ashes in the air.
so live happily as long as you can...

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