Friday, October 21, 2016


I read an Internet forum recently where a woman shared her story how she had to give up her career after she had kids and I was like wtf!!!

A lightening did struck into my mind in reality more than half of the women give up their dreams after having kids and mostly kids won’t give a shit about it in future…

I’m not against having kids but seriously when you are giving up your career just for kids you are litrally digging up your own hole….

I think one should never give up their independency for anyone including kids , be the one whom your kid will look upto not a stay at home mom. I’m not against housewives but their is nothing great in depending on someone at some point of life you will feel suffocated but you will have to stay because you have no where else to go.
If you have dared enough to create a life then dare to save your own life rather than regretting it. Its easy to leave behind and it’s very hard to hold on but holding on gives you ultimate happiness…

Another common thing is women like me who absolutely don’t want to have kids are treated like shit in the society. Whenever I say I don’t want to be a mom most of the people say I’m less of a woman..

I don’t want to have kids because I choose not to and I clearly feel like many women have Kids due to this mere peer pressure of society. If you are over 30 concentrating on career over motherhood you are a stubborn, selfish wench..

Being a mother is a great thing but leaving behind what you are just because you are a mom is stupidity .
Finally I’m not saying choose career over kid I’m just saying balance both but never leave behind your career . Only you can save yourself from anything, we all get one life to live so live to the fullest , never abandon your dreams for anyone this life ain’t coming back and last but not least independent mother will always inspire  …..

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✿Sie✿ said...

this is so true Sudhi 😊 I gave up my carreer before to have kids because I had miscarriage. I had children and my ex didn't want me to go back to work. If I had chance again I would like to work again because I lost my individuality and my ex treated me like trash because precisely he was giving our finances. You know he made me feel you are just a woman whom I am feeding 😞 anyways it still a case to case basis but if I will choose you are sooooo right it is balance..I would like to work again if I can go back in time..but since I am now over age hahaha..having a business would be the best option..well it is still work hihihi 😊 hugs Sudhi 😍